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Enterprise Services

At FM, we are always evolving with new ways of adding value for our clients, our partners, and our employees. Our Enterprise Services team is critical to building our future. Our teams drive and accelerate our capacity to deliver insurance products and engineering services on a global scale. We are purpose driven in our strive for excellence and to ensure a more resilient future.

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Global Location Scheduling Services

Excellence in engineering services is one of FM’s key differentiators. Our Global Location Scheduling Services (GLSS) team is focused on ensuring global engineering consistency and exceptional client service by getting the right engineer to the right location at the right time, enabling our engineers to provide tailored, cost-effective commercial and industrial property loss prevention solutions to identify and mitigate risk for our worldwide clients.

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Insurance Product Delivery

Our insurance documents represent the agreement we have between FM and our clients. They are our promise to be there for our clients after a loss. Our Insurance Product Delivery (IPD) team is committed to excellence in client service by ensuring our policies, invoices, and certificates are delivered in a timely and consistent manner across the globe through a shared services platform.

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Consulting and Technical Solutions

Reducing risk to realize a more resilient future for our clients is what drives us as an organization. Accurate and timely information is central to fully understanding risk exposure. Our Consulting and Technical Solutions (CTS) team is key in delivering quality, accurate and timely loss prevention advice through our plan review and impairment management practices across our global operations.

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Be the change you want to see in your job.

Change is often a source of stress and fear of the unknown. It is also teaching us to be resilient, to adapt and take new challenges we did not expect.Transitioning from Processing to Enterprise Services was very challenging. Nevertheless, this new organization opened new horizons and led to unexpected opportunities that allowed me to evolve, gain confidence and share my knowledge in my area of expertise. Seize every opportunity that lies in a change and be proactive in helping the change to be smoother.

Nidia – Senior Insurance Product Specialist – Employee since 2011

At FM, our clients are a top priority. And when we need to build a locally compliant program for a large global client, we have the teamwork and expertise to make it happen. Within Enterprise Services, I have gained the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues from around the world, which helps me provide better global support to my clients. To allow me to leverage this support globally also means we can provide our insurance deliverables in a timelier, more efficient manner. Overall, it has been amazing to get to see our collective FM knowledge serve our clients and help keep them compliant across the globe.

Julia – Global Client Program Specialist – Employee Since 2019

When it comes to boilers and pressure vessels, the small things are of big importance. A routine boiler inspection identifies potential issues before they turn into major hazards. Similarly, the processes and details I handle as a support specialist ensure our jurisdictional consultants have accurate information they require at their fingertips so they can address larger client issues of equipment safety and local compliance. At FM, my support role is part of the big picture. I interact daily with a variety of internal and external customers across multiple locations in North America and I’m given the bandwidth to thrive as a subject matter expert in an exceptional company culture.

Sara – Scheduling Support Specialist II – Employee Since 2020

The amazing thing about a career at FM is there are so many directions you can go! I first started my career before I even finished my degree, as an assistant in the Sales Department at Arkwright Mutual, one of the Factory Mutual companies. As life went on, I got married, left the company, had children and went on to do other things. Thirty years later (you read that right), I came back to FM as an engineering assistant in our Engineering Department. Some of the same people I had worked with were still working here at FM! You don’t find that with many companies these days. In my second go around, I have been here only a few years but have worked in several areas: Jurisdictional, Fire & Natural Hazards, and even a bit of Plan Review. I love that I get to see so many facets of what goes on here at FM. This will give me the broad experience to be ready when the next challenge comes my way!

Candace – Senior Location Scheduling Specialist – Employee since 2021

Shortly after I began working at FM in December of 2015 as a Field Engineering Assistant, I realized FM is the company I want to retire from once that day comes. I was instantly impressed by the company's commitment to its employees and in turn, employee’s commitment to FM. The organization, as well as my direct managers, have been dedicated to supporting personal development through intensive on the job training, online and in-person training courses, opportunities to learn and assist other roles and recognizing individual contributions and achievements. I have also been given opportunities to be a part of research, testing and training for new systems and programs. In my current role as Scheduling Support Specialist, I get to collaborate with colleagues in other regions, even other countries. This makes the workday exciting and encourages me to bring my best to the table every day. I am grateful to be part of such an incredible organization and proud to contribute to its success.

Courtney – Scheduling Support Specialist – Employee since 2015

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